Microblading $349 approx 2.5 hours 
Have beautifully shaped brows EVERYDAY – with fine strokes that resemble real hair – creating a realistic look of natural brows!

Microblading 6 Week Touch-up $99.00
Microblading Yearly Refresh $199.00

Nano Ombre Brows $349 approx 2.5 hours
A tattoo machine is used to deposit pigment with a nano-sized needle. Perfect for those with oily skin or when microblading just didn’t retain. This shading technique is less invasive on the skin than microblading, with a pigment retention of 3-5 years.

Nano Ombre 6 Week Touch-up $99.00
Nano Ombre Yearly Refresh $199.00

Combo Brows $399 approx 2.5 hours 
If you like the natural look of hair-like strokes with shading, the combination Microblading and Nano Ombre Brows is the best choice for you!