Laser Tattoo Removal - Kelowna Laser Tattoo Removal with Harmony XL Pro

Are you tired of that tattoo that seemed like a good idea at the time, but now just doesn’t fit your style or image anymore? Or perhaps you have a tattoo that has lost its meaning, or you simply want to get it removed to make way for a new one. Whatever the reason, laser tattoo removal can help you say goodbye to your tattoo and hello to a fresh canvas. 

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Harmony XL Pro laser tattoo removal is the leading technology in the industry, offering fast and effective results with minimal discomfort. But what makes it stand out from other tattoo removal options? Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing Harmony XL Pro for your tattoo removal needs:

Quick and efficient

Harmony XL Pro uses advanced laser technology to break down the ink particles in your tattoo, allowing your body to naturally remove them. Each treatment session only takes a few minutes, and most people need 6-12 sessions to fully remove their tattoo. This means you can say goodbye to your tattoo in a fraction of the time it took to get it in the first place. 

Minimal discomfort

While laser tattoo removal may cause some discomfort, the Harmony XL Pro system uses a built-in cooling device to help minimize any discomfort during the treatment. Most people describe the sensation as similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin. 

Safe and effective

Harmony XL Pro has been rigorously tested and is backed by decades of research and clinical studies. It is a safe and effective way to remove tattoos, with a high success rate and minimal side effects. No matter your skin tone or type, you can trust that the Harmony XL Pro system will effectively remove your tattoo. 


The Harmony XL Pro system is highly customizable, allowing the practitioner to tailor the treatment to your specific tattoo and skin type. This ensures that you get the best possible results with minimal risk of side effects. The system is also effective at removing a wide range of tattoo colors, including difficult-to-remove shades like green and yellow. This means you can say goodbye to your tattoo, no matter what colors it may be.


Must book a consultation prior to the service. Please numb the area 45 minutes and then again 20 minutes prior to your treatment.

Small (Under 2 inches) $75
Medium (2-6 inches) $115
Large (6-15 Inches) $145

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