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Top Secrets to Self-Care in the Winter

Top Secrets to Self-Care in the Winter

Winter, often becomes a time of neglect for many. We tend to ignore taking care of our skin, keeping good health, and prioritizing our mental state thanks to all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. By failing to pay attention to ourselves, this often leads to lack of sleep, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), cracked skin, and more- However, there are ways that we can combat this and give ourselves the love we all deserve.

Start by Getting 8-10 Hours of Sleep

Everyone knows that when we get enough sleep our health stays intact, we can focus better, our bodies crave less junk for energy, and we can ensure a long, jubilant life. Nonetheless, although we might want to get a full nights rest… it doesn’t always happen. But hopefully, these simple tips might help to keep you in dreamland a little longer!

  1. Make sleep a priority. Yes, you might have lots to take care of during the day and even more at night, but side-stepping a good nights rest will sabotage your productivity in the long run.
  2. Set up a schedule. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every single day, even on the weekends!
  3. Relieve your stress. You can either journal out the thoughts that might be keeping you awake, try yoga and meditation, or even go for regular massages during the day! Whatever you do, just try not to let your head hit the pillow full of fidgety thoughts.

Soothe Your Skin

Whether it’s our face or full body, our skin usually ends up dry and brittle come wintertime. Luckily, we have our favourite ways to remedy this:

  1. Diligently Moisturize. We love Eminence’s Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer when it comes to replenishing softness into our facial skin. However, you can’t forget the rest of your body so why not layer on a sweet body lotion like Eminence’s Honey Dew Body Lotion.
  2. Treat yourself to a warm bath. Try using some DIY Epsom salts to calm your irritated skin and restore your natural magnesium levels (which helps boost our energy levels and immunity).
  3. Introduce a humidifier to your environment. Since home heaters tend to steal moisture right out from under our skin, counteract them by adding moisture to the air with a cool or warm mist humidifier.

Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

SAD makes a lot of us feel sad during the winter. It is a form of seasonal depression that often causes symptoms like social withdrawal, moodiness, fatigue, weight gain, and much more. Although SAD’s often seen as just another mood swing, it is highly dependant on a person’s hormonal state and lack of natural light that cause these winter blues. But when it comes to curing it, hope is not lost! There are plenty of actions you can take to remedy SAD.

  1. Enjoy a little light therapy. You can find light therapy boxes, that mimic natural sunlight, for any room in your house. Thankfully, they are usually portable meaning you could transition them from room to room in your home. Talk to a physician first, as they can consult you on what type of brightness and light will help you best.
  2. Get outside and exercise. Since serotonin (the happy hormone) usually decreases when you are suffering from SAD, it is important to participate in activities that can help increase your levels back to normal. Exercise activities, like walking or running, are most likely to boost serotonin production; and if you combine this by getting outside to soak up all the Vitamin D that you can, then you will be in a very good position with your serotonin levels.
  3. Talk to someone. Studies have shown that cognitive behavioural therapy has been effective in treating SAD. Talking out your feelings can help sort out any emotions you have and where they are coming from, so don’t be afraid to ask someone close to you if they will let you vent.

Hopefully, now that you have these tips and tricks, overlooking self-care this winter won’t be an option! Life might get busy, but you won’t be able to enjoy the best parts of it if you’re spinning your wheels at both ends. We recommend always to take the time and find points in your day for relaxation and rejuvenation. Why not book a day to unwind at Namaste Day Spa? Allow yourself to breathe easy and honour the spirit in you this winter.