We use a new wax called Epillyss. Epillyss wax is a pure botanical line, made from the purest basic ingredients, vegetal resin and natural beeswax. The Epillyss wax pure botanical line provides products without alcohol or alcohol derivative, which will not irritate or have a drying effect on the skin, which makes the Epillyss wax perfect for our clients with hypersensitive skin. We are licensed professionals, fully trained to ensure fast, clean, and dignified service.

Please allow for adequate growth. We cannot remove hair that is less then 1/4 ” long. When it doubt, grow it out. We will trim if necessary

Women’s Waxing:

Brow design $22.00
Brow upkeep $18.00
Lip $13.00
Chin $13.00
Full face $40.00
Underarms $18.00
Full arm $45.00
Fingers to elbow $28.00
Elbow to shoulder $23.00
Half leg $35.00
Basic Bikini $28.00
Bikini Plus $40.00
Full leg $68.00
New Brazilian $63.00
Brazilian upkeep $54.00

Men’s Waxing:

Chest $42.00+
Back $42.00+
Full arm $45.00
Fingers to elbow $28.00
Elbow to shoulder $23.00
Shoulders $20.00+
Tummy $20.00+
Guybrows $18.00
Inner Ear $13.00
Nostrils $13.00
Manzillion(tailbone to bellybutton, tailored for you)

Finishing Touches

Eyelash Tinting $20.00
Lashes are colored blue, black or brown; or combined for a custom look. Permanent mascara for 4-6 weeks.

Brow Tinting $15.00
Enhance the look of your arches!