Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?
Our regular hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm, and Saturday 9am – 5pm

What exactly is a brazillion/manzillion wax?
During this procedure, hair is removed entirely from the pubic region; including the outer labia, and around the anus (or “bunny tail”, as we like to call it). For males, this procedure removes all hair from the tailbone to belly button. The service generally takes about 20-30 minutes for women, and 30– 45 min for men.

Does waxing hurt?
After nearly two decades in this industry, I know this to be true: everyone has a unique pain tolerance. I have some clients who tap away on their phones the entire time, and others that need to be peeled off the ceiling afterwards. If you are concerned about pain, try taking an Advil about 45 minutes before your appointment is scheduled to begin.

Do you “double dip”?
Fresh spatulas are used for each and every swipe of wax. Double dipping is NEVER allowed here at Namaste Days Spa. WE NEVER DOUBLE DIP, EVER, PERIOD!

How long should the hair be?
Please allow 1/4″ of hair growth before coming in…approximately the length of a tic tac. Likewise, please DO NOT trim the area prior to your appointment. If your hair is too short to be waxed, you may be turned away.

Do you have special “maintenance” pricing for waxing if I come in regularly? Do I get a deal if I don’t have much hair?
Pricing for all waxing is standard; since we go over every square of the area to ensure a smooth result, it takes the same amount of time. However, if you have very sparse hair, a discount may be in order. This is at the esthetician’s discretion only. Current pricing for new and ‘upkeep’ brazillians and manzillions are listed on our website.

What about numbing creams? Do you apply them before hand?
“Emla” cream (and others like it) are topical numbing creams that are often applied during laser hair removal, electrolysis, and other minor skin corrective procedures. We DO NOT use these creams here, for two main reasons: first, these creams must be applied to the skin, then covered with saran wrap and left on for an hour before the treatment is scheduled to begin. We do not have a separate area where you can do this, and it could be quite difficult to do at home. Second, wax does not adhere to moist skin at all. This is also why we ask you NOT to apply any lotions, creams or oils to your skin prior to waxing.

What are the do’s and don’ts after being waxed?
Just waxed? Follow these tips to avoid irritation:
• Keep the area clean! Try not to touch the waxed area
• Use cool, natural aloe vera to soothe red skin
• Do not use a tanning bed or hot tub within 48hrs
• Exfoliate every time you bathe using a loofah or brush
• Don’t cave & shave! Schedule a wax every 4-6 weeks
• Avoid products with Retin A or Accutane (thins the skin)
If you suffer from ingrown hair, consider the Clear Skin peel; and Eminence facial product that we have found to be very affective in freeing hair that gets trapped in follicles.

Can I claim your services on my health plan?
We currently do not have any registered massage therapists here at the spa, therefore you will not be able to claim our services as a medical expense.

Can I come for a pedicure if I have fungal nails, warts, or athlete’s foot?
Please tell us about this upon booking. You may or may not be able to book this service.

Do you use a credo blade? I heard that it is illegal to use one in Canada.
We absolutely use credo blades in our pedicures. They are a master tool that requires special handling, and we are all fully trained in this technique. We believe that using a credo blade is the quickest, easiest and most thorough way to remove severe callous buildup that leads to cracks and crevices. Credo blades are absolutely NOT ILLEGAL to use in Canada; but finding an aesthetician who knows how to use one is becoming hard.

How do you employ infection control at Namaste Day Spa?
Next to client comfort, cleanliness is our number one priority at Namaste Day Spa. You can rest assured knowing that every surface you touch has been sanitized before your arrival; and every implement used during your service has been sterilized using hospital-grade chemosterilants.

Do you do group spa events or couple’s services?
With enough notice, we would love to plan a special event for you.
We have one couples service room, so we are only able to accommodate one couples service at a time.

What is your cancellation policy?
Because we are a small, busy spa, please note that the more notice we have (that you cannot make your appointment), the better. Your spot is reserved especially for you, and your aesthetician has blocked out her time for you. For new clients or appointments that are for 1hr or more, we require a credit card reservation. Please read our full cancellation policy here: https://namastespakelowna.com/cancellation-booking-policy/

Can I bring my child or baby?
Your appointment is reserved especially for you and your relaxation. As much as we would love to have mini spa days for little guests, the ambiance within the spa remains as relaxing as possible for all of our guests, most of whom are specifically enjoying some time away from their little ones. This means we require another form of childcare to be arranged outside of the spa environment. Namaste does not allow babies, or young children past the front reception desk or to accompany a parent to a service. This helps create and maintain a relaxing environment for everyone, as our treatment rooms are just big enough for our esthetician to treat a single client. Thanks for your understanding!

Can you please not get any oil in my hair / moisture on my newly filled eyelash extensions?
This is a question that comes up a few times every year; and here’s the thing… do you want a GOOD facial/massage? Or a GREAT one? Avoiding areas that we are used to touching is awkward and unnatural for us and will certainly affect the flow of your treatment. Book these treatments on a day when you don’t need to look pristine after. Enjoy these messy, melty, yummy treatments!

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