If you’re tired of the constant grooming and maintenance that comes with traditional hair removal methods like shaving and waxing, laser hair removal may be the solution you’re looking for. And when it comes to laser hair removal, the Harmony XL Pro laser is a top-of-the-line option that offers a range of benefits. Located in Kelowna, Namaste Day Spa is proud to offer this state-of-the-art laser treatment to our clients.  

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Long Lasting

Traditional hair removal methods can be time-consuming and require frequent maintenance, but laser hair removal can provide permanent hair reduction for many individuals. This means that you can say goodbye to the hassle of constant grooming and enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for the long-term. The Harmony XL Pro laser can be used to treat a wide range of areas, including the face, underarms, bikini area, legs, and back. This means that you can target multiple areas of unwanted hair in a single session, saving time and effort. 

Safe and Effective

In addition to its long-lasting results, our laser hair removal treatments in our Kelowna day spa use the Harmony XL Pro laser which is also known for its precision. The laser targets specific hair follicles while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged, making it a safe and effective option for all skin types and tones. This precision also allows for a more targeted treatment, resulting in a more efficient and effective procedure. 


Many people are hesitant to try laser hair removal due to concerns about discomfort, but the Harmony XL Pro laser has a built-in cooling system that helps to minimize any discomfort during the treatment. This means that you can relax and enjoy a virtually painless hair removal experience. The laser can cover large areas of the body quickly and efficiently, making the treatment process more convenient for busy individuals.


Lips $35.00
Chin $45.00
Full face $125.00
Half face $95.00
Sideburns $50.00
Front or Back Neck $70.00
Full Back $290.00
Half Back $180.00
Lower Back $60.00
Shoulders $100.00
Chest $165.00
Areola $35.00
Stomach $105.00
Flanks $125.00
Treasure trail $60.00
Bikini Line $70.00
Extended Bikini $105.00
Full Arms $185.00
Half Arms $110.00
Underarms $75.00
Brazilian $120.00
Male Brazilian $120.00
Buttocks $105.00
Full Legs $325.00
Half Legs






Fingers or Toes $40.00


A treatment can take as little as few minutes to as long as an hour, depending on the treatment areas, skin and hair type.

Hair grows in stages – and the hairs on your body are not all in the same stage at the same time. Only hairs in the growth phase will be affected by the treatment. This means that you’ll need multiple treatments to get the best results. Clinical research shows that a series of 6 to 9 treatments spaced between 1-3 months apart are required to achieve permanent hair reduction. We will develop a specific plan for your goals.

We will give you specific instructions to follow before your treatment. It is generally recommended that patients avoid plucking, waxing and electrolysis for 6 weeks prior to the treatment. On the day of treatment, skin should be clean-shaven and thoroughly cleansed.

We will give you specific post-treatment instructions. While your skin may be slightly red immediately after the procedure, this should resolve within a few hours. You can resume your normal activities immediately following the treatment.

Sanitization / Hygienic Standards

Next to client comfort, cleanliness is our number one priority at Namaste Day Spa. You can rest assured knowing that every surface you touch has been sanitized before your arrival; and every implement used during your service has been sterilized using hospital-grade chemosterilants.

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