Why I love Namaste Day Spa. When I came to Namaste Day Spa almost 6 years ago I was in a dark place mentally and physically. I had seen Kim at another spa and I remembered how I felt just being around her. I believe the universe led me back to Kim to help me heal. I go to Namaste for the ” experience “. You can get a pedicure anywhere…….when I leave Namaste I feel transformed. It’s a safe place to de-compress and allow peace and serenity to envelope you. I know Namaste Day Spa has been crucial in my health and wellness journey. I am truly blessed.

Tracy Bortolon 

I first found out about Namaste Day Spa when a friend left their receipt in a borrowed book. I thought I would give it a shot and was immediately amazed!

What I love about Namaste Day Spa is that you pay attention to the details. I too, am very detail oriented and I appreciate when someone goes the extra step to ensure all aspects of my experience are just right. You run a quality operation from start to finish and I eagerly encourage my friends to check you out!

Thank you so very much for being an incredible person, offering fantastic services and always giving me smiles.

Lana Hicks

I love Kim and Namaste because she helped me to love myself.  After many years struggling with weight – I decided to take a big scary step and have weightloss surgery.  The recovery and healing process both physically and mentally doesn’t happen overnight.  Shame about the weight and body image are almost crippling at times – but Kim has always made me feel beautiful, safe and accepted.  I have never felt ashamed of my body in her presence, unclothed and receiving massages.  She has been supportive, excited and encouraging with my weight loss journey…..but has always reminded me of my worth and beauty regardless of what the scale read.  I feel nurtured when at Namaste, safe enough to be myself,  and most of all blessed to be a client and fortunate enough after 6 years to have found a lovely friend.



Best brazillian wax EVAH!!  I’ve had both ladies so far, and they both get me in-and-out in about 20 minutes.  They are impeccably clean, fast, funny and efficient.  Just make sure to book your next appt before you leave!

Paula Orton,
Calgary AB

Namaste Day Spa is hands-down the place to get the best facial you have ever had.  Eminence products are yummy enough, but combined with Kim’s massage techniques and beautiful atmosphere…..i’ve never had a better facial.

Michael Todds