Clearlift is a major advancement in skin-rejuvenating laser treatments, and it effectively refreshes the skin and smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles that leave no lingering redness. Award winning non-ablative laser treatment for pigmentation (melasma) and anti-aging.


Clearlift works by remodeling the interior layers of the skin, leaving your epidermis intact and allowing healing to occur from the inside out. Clearlift laser treatment offers a number of advantages over other laser resurfacing options, such as:

  1. Smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles that leave no lingering redness,
  2. Virtually painless with visible results and no downtime,
  3. Restores a more youthful, healthy looking appearance,
  4. Can treat cosmetic conditions including: Fine facial lines such as crow’s feet around the eyes, wrinkles and loose skin around the jowls, neck and chest,
  5. Visible improvement may be noticeable after a single treatment!


All services performed at the spa are for both men and women.


Full Face

3 sessions

6 sessions




Face & Neck

3 sessions

6 sessions




Face, Neck & Decollate

3 sessions

6 sessions




Partial Face

3 sessions

6 sessions





3 sessions

6 sessions




Crow’s Feet

3 sessions

6 sessions




Upper Lip

3 sessions

6 sessions





3 sessions

6 sessions




Sanitization / Hygienic Standards

Next to client comfort, cleanliness is our number one priority at Namaste Day Spa. You can rest assured knowing that every surface you touch has been sanitized before your arrival; and every implement used during your service has been sterilized using hospital-grade chemosterilants.

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