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Brighten Your Skin This Fall With Eminence

Brighten Your Skin This Fall With Eminence

Nature holds so many beautiful discoveries as the seasons change. Brightly coloured leaves, crisp smells in the air and an abundance of warm feelings are often familiar trimmings brought by fall. However, now that the sun has somewhat retreated and there’s a chill when we step outside, our skin can often be left feeling dry and hyperpigmentation can start to become noticeable. Luckily, autumn holds some amazing remedies to these problems and Eminence Organic Skin Care has harnessed these sources into a beautiful set of products just for you.

Since the summer months can be so damaging to our skin, uneven skin tone and sun spots might start appearing when our daylight star chooses to hide behind the clouds. As the tans fade away excess melanin likes to stick around causing unwanted deposits of color in our skin. Many people turn to harmful skin brightening products that often contain hydroquinone. Non-organic peels and brighteners rely heavily on this ingredient and what most people don’t know is that it not only inhibits melanin production to help lighten skin, but long term use can actually damage your pigment cells.. At Namaste Day Spa, we like to use a holistic and professionally superior alternative to commercial skincare… so we use Eminence!

eminance-skin-care-organic-bright-skinThis year we’ve fallen in love with Eminence’s Bright Skin line. More specifically, their newest product the Bright Skin Licorice Root Exfoliating Peel. With key ingredients such as licorice root, daisy blossom, their natural hydroquinone alternative, baobab and more – it happens to be the perfect combination of organics to even out your complexion. All of these ingredients naturally promote radiant skin, free of dark spots and even help refine the skin by smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and replenishing elasticity. The natural hydroquinone alternative has been derived from African potato and tara tree which have been used indigenously as medicine for inflammation and wound healing. And the Licorice Exfoliating Peel combined with the rest of their Bright Skin collection delivers even more astonishing results!


We also carry the Bright Skin Moisturizer, Cleanser, Licorice Root Booster-Serum, and Masque from Eminence. Many of the same ingredients used in the peel have been included to enhance the effects of their Bright Skin collection. We do however recommend to be wary of how much exposure you are getting from the sun during your use of these products. When using any form of skin brightener it’s important to wear proper SPF (which the Bright Skin Moisturizer happens to include), suitable clothing and to monitor your sun time!

It’s no wonder why people are leaning toward organic skin care and beauty products; when you know that what is going into the pores of your skin is non-toxic it’s easy to smile brightly. Fall doesn’t have to be a time for “saying goodbye” to summer days… it should be a time of rejuvenation and celebrating new forms of vitality! Loving your skin and treating it to the proper after-summer care is a great way to start living lovingly this season.

Reveal Your Natural Beauty With Bright Skin™!

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