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New: Eminence Vitaskin Targeted Treatments

New: Eminence Vitaskin Targeted Treatments

It’s common to have a flaw in your skin that you want to tackle. Perhaps it’s a single age spot, fine lines that show past emotions, or blemishes you wish were confined to your teen years. We are excited about the release of Eminence’s Vitaskin Targeted Treatment Line; a potent botanical blend that takes aim at specific skin conditions such as uneven skin tone, controlling problem skin, and achieving dramatic results in reversing the signs of aging. The treatments provide a concentrated dose of vitamin-rich organics which are vegan, soy, and nut-free to remedy your skin in a modern way. Slimmer than a tube of lipstick, these intensive treatments differ from Eminence Vitaskin Skin Boosters. While not only combating your unique complexion, they keep up with your hectic schedule, providing exceptional skin care on the go.

Vitaskin Targeted Treatments: Bright Skin Targeted Treatment


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Do you want the radiance you feel inside to shine through, but suffer from uneven skin tone? You’re not alone. Banish age spots and reveal a complexion that looks brighter and more luminous with Vitaskin’s Bright Skin Targeted Treatment. Enhanced with licorice root and punarnava, these elements combat age spots while evening skin tone and reducing inflammation. Selected for it’s skin-brightening properties, it contains a blend of 7 Swiss alpine plants known as “Gigawhite“, which illuminates your complexion. Applied specifically to troubled areas once or twice a day, a visible reduction in the appearance of dark spots is achieved; while evening skin tone for a more youthful appearance. Insider tip: an application of Vitaskin Bright Skin Treatment to the hands and décolleté will keep everyone guessing your age 😉

Vitaskin Targeted Treatments: Clear Skin Targeted Treatment


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Removing impurities but keeping a balanced complexion can be achieved with tea tree oil and salicylic acid sourced from willow bark. A gentle exfoliant, salicylic acid buffs the surface of the skin while reducing pore size without causing the drying or red effects other anti-blemish treatments can create. Soothing cucumber extract provides tone and minimizes pores while providing nutrient-rich refreshment. Now, this is where Clear Skin Targeted Treatment steals the show. Buchu leaf extract reduces pore size, but also provides a mattified finish. Say goodbye to cover up and let your skin breathe! Applied specifically to problem areas to reduce the frequency of problem-prone skin will have you going au naturel in your makeup routine faster than you think.

Vitaskin Targeted Treatments: Firm Skin Targeted Treatment


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Restore elasticity with Vitaskin’s Natural Retinol Alternative. Tightening, lifting, and toning will create a dramatic reduction in fine lines and wrinkles with the convenience of this on-the-go treatment. Acai berry is not just be for your mid-morning smoothie anymore. This Firm Skin Targeted Treatment harnesses it’s complexion-evening properties and the firming action of Snow algae extract to provide results faster than competing skin treatment lines. Botanical Hyaluronic acid is packed with nutrient-rich hydration derived from the marshmallow plant that takes aim at providing plump, nourished skin and reduces the appearance of past emotions. Application is easily integrated into your morning and evening routine, applying a small amount to cleansed skin on areas with signs of aging.

So you may be asking “This is all great, but why do I need targeted treatments if I’m using my serums & boosters?” Well the answer can be summed up in this great little graphic from Eminence:


The differences to keep in mind here is targeted vs. all over, on-the-go vs. at-home, and corrective vs. preventative. These three comparisons essentially tally up the differences between the targeted treatments and the skin boosters. So, it’s not a case of one or the other, but of adding the laser-like power of the targeted treatments to your skin care routine to attack and correct specific issues.

We get how hectic daily life can become! The ability of a product to fit into your beauty routine is a test of that products’ longevity. Modern life demands that you spend most of your time on the run. Take a pause mid-stride as Namaste introduces Eminence’s Targeted Treatments that will identify and rectify your unique complexion needs and provide resiliency in your busy schedule. Let us know how you plan to incorporate Vitaskin’s Targeted Treatments in your routine while on the go:


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