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“Eminence Kids” Children’s Charity

“Eminence Kids” Children’s Charity

Eminence Organics has launched a new initiative aimed at benefiting sicks kids and their families. “Eminence Kids” was first launched in Budapest, Hungary with the donation of two mobile IV chemotherapy machines to Semmelweis Medical University’s Tuzolto St Children’s Clinic No 2. This much needed equipment enabled the children to have increased mobility during their treatment, allowing them to play and enjoy time with their families. Eminence also introduced “Organic Days” – a weekly delivery of locally-sourced, organic produce to the hospital to aid in the children’s recovery.

Recently, the Eminence Kids charity was expanded into North America by bringing “Organic Days” to the Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver, BC.  You can show your support for Eminence Kids by continuing to buy Eminence Organic Skin Care – a portion of the proceeds from every product sale is donated to help sick kids and their families.

Eminence is truly committed to social responsibility, they whole-heartedly support causes that improve communities all around the world. You can learn more about Eminence Charities by visiting their website.  This is just one of the many reason we love Eminence, their products are amazing and they are a truly amazing company!


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Shop for Eminence and help support sick kids and their families!